‘Quinnies’ to showcase student video work

Meghan Parmentier

Looking for a study break?  Check out the Quinnipiac Film Society’s (QFS) “Quinnies,” a film festival for Quinnipiac students, by Quinnipiac students.

The Quinnies will take place on Saturday, May 1 from 2 to 5 p.m. in Buckman Theater.  Admission is free and free candy will be provided.  This is the fourth year of the Quinnies, the Quinnipiac Film Society’s year-end, summit event.

QFS accepts submissions from any undergraduate student for this event.  The submissions have been collected for the past two weeks and all are 10 minutes or less.  After submission, the films are pre-judged by two anonymous faculty members to choose the top four in the categories of music video, comedy, drama, and experimental/other.  The winning four films will be screened at the festival and then further judged by three professors from the School of Communications.

According to senior Film, Video and Interactive Media (FVI) major Matt Galo, president of QFS, this year will see the return of the Quinnies trophies for the winners of each category.  Some films will also be available afterward for private viewing.

“Who doesn’t like watching movies?” Galo said.  “It’s exciting to stay to the end and see if the movies you want to win do win.”

Junior Caitlin Goldberg, FVI major, will be president of the club next year.

“People in this school are so talented and I don’t think half the student body realizes how talented people really are,” Goldberg said.

The Quinnies is QFS’s main event beand the culmination of the past year’s work.  Everything from class projects to personal films students have made, this is the big event where they can display the product of their hard work..

“These people spend 50, 60, 70 hours on eight minutes of film,” Goldberg said.  “A lot of times they take so much time to create these projects and nothing happens with them.  We want to give them an environment that’s competitive, fun and worthwhile.”

John Kelley, senior Media Studies major, is the director of promotions in QFS and has been involved with the club since its inception.

“It’s a fantastic way to not only bring the campus together in a celebration of film, but also a great way for students to showcase their work in front of a large audience,” Kelley said.