SGA’s Election Committee unanimously votes to remove Skidmore from ballot

Andrew Vazzano

The Student Government Election Committee unanimously voted this afternoon to remove Allison Skidmore’s name from the ballot for Vice President of Programming, according to Election Committee member Matt Galo.

After receiving an e-mail from Skidmore yesterday afternoon that was addressed to various student organization leaders, Galo brought the e-mail to the attention of the Election Committee at its weekly meeting.

The e-mail was in violation of the Election Committee’s rule forbidding candidates from sending mass e-mails during their campaign, according to Galo.

Skidmore said that prior to last night’s SGA debates, Election Committee Chair Victoria Stankus approached Skidmore regarding the e-mail that was sent earlier that day. According to Skidmore, Stankus said that the e-mails were “fine.”

When reached for comment earlier tonight, Stankus would neither confirm nor deny this conversation took place.

Stankus said that the term mass e-mail is “not clearly identified” and the interpretation is up to the Election Committee.

This is in opposition to Galo’s statement that Daniel Brown, director of the student center, told the Election Committee that using the Quinnipiac network and sending a message to more than one person in a single e-mail is against the rules.

According to Skidmore, she will have the opportunity to appeal this decision on Tuesday.

Skidmore, a junior representative and public relations chair of SPB, was running against Vincent Bond, sophomore representative and special events and traditions chair of SPB, for VP of Programming. As of 11 p.m. Monday, Bond is running unopposed.