QFS brings film fun to Girl Scouts

Amy Maciejowski

Beautiful weather on Saturday turned out to be a great day to do some volunteer work for the Quinnipiac Film Society (QFS).  The organization partnered with the Girl Scouts of Connecticut to delve into the movie industry.

Over the past two years, QFS has co-sponsored events with the Girl Scouts pertaining to the production of movies.

“Everything was so much fun,” said Kayla Murphy, a 13-year-old Cadette Girl Scout. “I loved taking our original ideas, and combining them with everyone else’s to ultimately make a movie.”

Fourteen-year-old Leah Myers also enjoyed herself.

“It was great to be able to go behind the scenes, and be able to act,” she said.

At their first, meeting they watched and talked about “The Parent Trap.”  During the rest of their meetings, members of QFS helped the Girl Scouts write their own scripts. They then acted out and filmed their screenplays.  At last Friday’s meeting, they were beginning to edit their films.

“We want to show experience through visual arts rather than sitting in the classroom,” said Caitlin Goldberg, treasurer of QFS. “What we are doing is something that they wouldn’t normally see and it’s fun to try and inspire the girls.”

“I think it’s great for the girls to see how important teamwork is, even in an adult atmosphere,” said Shelby Womble, mother of Girl Scout Lisa Womble.  “I hope this activity is able to teach them how to work together.”

According to John Kelley, QFS’s director of promotions, the partnership goes beyond learning.

“There are very few female writers and directors that are successful in the industry,” he said. “Here at the Quinnipiac Film Society, we are trying to change that, working with the Girl Scouts to not only teach them what we know about film, but to pique their interest in movies as a career.”