Finding Your Place

Alexis Guerra, Managing Editor

“Don’t worry, you’ll find your place.” 

That’s what I was told coming into college freshman year. Safe to say I felt the immense pressure to find where I belonged. The long list of clubs and organizations that the school provides at the involvement fair didn’t help either.

As my new-found, outspoken friends chatted up tables at the fair with no hesitation, I found myself intimidated — that was until a newspaper was shoved in my face. Those at The Chronicle table proceeded to welcome me with open arms and convinced me to come to the next meeting. Little did I know at the time how monumental this moment was.

Cut to three years later, I’ve spent just about every Tuesday night of my college career in a Chronicle meeting, exhausted many hours in the media suite and having eaten more pizza than one should admit — and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.

I’ve seen this organization grow to be more than just a weekly newspaper, and I’ve grown along with it. From The Chronicle, I’ve learned to venture outside my comfort zone, whether it be sharing unconventional ideas, setting big goals or taking on tasks that I initially felt were above my skill level. Although I’ve only held editor positions on the editorial board, having the ability to collaborate with the photography or design sections has provided me with a more well-rounded experience.

Working with some of the most talented and dedicated student leaders is where I began to understand what true journalism entails and of the endless possibilities that my education holds. It made me realize that I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself. The Chronicle has taught me that most things are worth questioning and to speak up instead of being complacent. These lessons will continue to prove to be priceless in both my career and personal life.

Most importantly, finding my place on campus taught me that there is a place for everyone — you just need to search for it. If you told freshman year me that she’d find a family amongst a sea full of people at the involvement fair, she wouldn’t believe you. Yet, here we are. Staying true to myself while also doing what I loved for three years is the greatest gift, and I owe that to countless people.

To those who came before me: Thank you for your mentorship and teaching me some of the most important lessons. Because of you, I became the leader, team player and writer that I am today.

To my fellow managing board: Isn’t it insane to remember that we started out this year not knowing each other? And now look at us. I think of you two, and the rest of our e-board, as one big family. Thank you for showing me what true loyalty, teamwork and honest communication can achieve.

To the rest of the editorial board: I owe you all the world for making my last year so memorable. It’s been an honor to work alongside each one of you and watch you refine your skills every single week. I have no doubt that you’ll continue being role models for our staff.

And lastly, I want to say thank you to you, the reader, for picking up our latest issue or clicking on an article. You deserve to know about the latest news on campus, and it’s been a pleasure for us to provide it.

So now, I’ll be leaving “my place” on campus. I’ll leave with a changed perspective, life-long friends and amazing memories. And I can’t wait to see future student journalists, designers and photographers also find their place on campus with The Chronicle, too.