New app gives students a boost

Mobile ordering now available as a great solution to long lines

Magali Aguilar, Staff Writer

It’s the start of a new semester which means the halls are crowded with students going to class, going to the bookstore and, of course, going to Starbucks. However, most students know that with a new semester comes a Starbucks line long enough to reach the steps of the Piazza. This semester, there is a new and effective solution: the Boost mobile ordering app.

Janna Marnell/Chronicle
Students can order food from Au Bon Pain on the Boost app.

Boost is a mobile ordering app for campuses. Often times, Starbucks stores located on campuses do not have a mobile ordering option, but the Boost app attempts to solve this issue. Quinnipiac became one of those schools this semester. When Starbucks reopened on Tuesday, Jan. 21, students who waited in line saw a sign promoting the Boost app.

The app is free to download and once it is downloaded, you are prompted to create an account and choose your school from the list available. Once that is done, you can see the locations on campus that offer mobile ordering. Here at Quinnipiac, the spots where mobile ordering is available are Starbucks and Au Bon Pain.

The app is a great addition to Quinnipiac because students no longer have waste an hour in line at Starbucks waiting for a drink. Students can spend more time studying and doing homework instead.

As with any new features made available, there were some difficulties getting this new method of ordering up and running. However, once it started working, it allowed students to place an order without having to wait in a long line. One of the greatest perks of the app is that it allows students to use their meal plan to pay. All the app asks for is the student’s ID and email address. From there, ordering just takes a few swipes.

Some more great features of the app include the notifications it sends regarding the status of your drink. Before you order, you are given an estimate regarding how long it will take for your drink to be ready. This is perfect if you’re in class and want to avoid having to run to the line when classes are let out, or if you want to grab a quick pick-me-up in between classes. After you place an order, the app sends you a notification when your drink is being made and another when it’s ready. You no longer have to wait in line for that iced coffee that you need to keep yourself going for the rest of your day.

Janna Marnell/Chronicle
The Starbucks on campus is known for having a notoriously long line.

This new process of mobile ordering is great, but it also has its downsides. One of those is that you can’t order Starbucks’ food on the app. The menu available on the app includes drinks only, so if you were looking forward to having a warm croissant or a protein-filled bento box, you’ll have to wait in line for it. Similarly, you can only place a food order at Au Bon Pain. If you want a drink from there, you have to wait in line for it.

Another small downside is that the wait time for drinks can be very long depending on the time of day. Because people no longer have to wait in line, there’s never really a time where the wait isn’t an hour long or more. You can order a drink before class, and it will be ready by the time you’re out, but at least you won’t have to stand in line.

Overall, the process of mobile ordering has been a great addition. For people who really love and need their daily coffee, this works great for maximizing time. Instead of trying to find the perfect time to go when the line isn’t too long, students can just order on the mobile app and know exactly when their drink is ready for them.