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They knew you’d read this


The psychic fair was hosted by the Student Programming Board (SPB)  on Wednesday, Sept. 4, including a variety of psychics from tarot card readers to palm readers, ribbon readers and stone readers. SPB also had fun activities in between readings such as a way for students to make their own bamboo plants, eat free snacks and enjoy a photo booth.

“A lot of planning went into this event,” Shannon Flaherty, the sophomore media studies major who’s the Tradition and Community chair for SPB said. “We contacted an outside party people company that helps with tradition events and they helped bring in different psychics as well as a magician and a photo booth.” 

Flaherty is a member of SPB who organized this annual event and the activities that she included, besides the psychics, kept students entertained between readings.

Flaherty said the event has been very successful in the past as it has been a traditional event held at QU.

Samantha Tran, a junior CIS major, said this was her second time attending this event. 

“I did a tarot card reading here last year and it was the craziest thing that’s ever happened to me,” Tran said about her experience and why she came back to the psychic fair for a second time.  “Everything she said was true and really resonated with me and what was happening in my life at that time so I thought why not come another time? So, I was the first in line and I did a tarot card reading again and she hit everything spot on, I cried!”

Everyone has different experiences with different card readers. For example, Frank Scott and Erica Pajonas both went in for a ribbon reading at the same time and had very different experiences.

 “This is my first time at a psychic and I came because I do tarot card readings myself and wanted to see how people who are professionals do readings,” Pajonas said. “Frank and I both saw the ribbon reader together and had no idea what to expect because we’ve never heard of it before and it was so weird because we had talked about some things in an earlier conversation of ours and she hit it spot on in the reading.” 

On the other hand, Scott felt differently about the ribbon reading.

“She read Erica like a book and got some things right for me but was a little off,” Scott said about his experience with the ribbon reader. “But I was still impressed to the point where I think there’s some ground to the things that she’s doing.”

Most people have mixed feelings about psychics about whether or not what they discuss during their readers are true or made up. 

“I myself was very skeptical about this and I think a lot of people are but to see everyone here is really nice, “ Tran said, discussing her own skeptics about the psychics. 

However, despite those who doubt psychics, the event seemed to be successful, which is why SPB keeps holding it annually.  

“Seeing everyone being so inviting, excited and involved in this event is really cool,” Tran said. 

Look out for many more fun and exciting events held by SPB in the upcoming weeks. 

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