Scherl expelled after trespassing arrest

Joe Pelletier

Freshman Mathew Scherl was expelled on Feb. 4 following drug and trespassing arrests on Quinnipiac property, friends of Scherl told The Chronicle on Monday. Scherl, 18, faced four drug and narcotic charges this morning at Meriden’s Superior Court.

Scherl’s explusion came after a second arrest on the York Hill campus, when he was arrested and charged with first degree criminal trespassing. On Jan. 26, three days after his drug and narcotic arrests, campus security discovered Scherl in a Crescent dorm room.

Freshman Bradley Burkhard, Scherl’s Perlroth suitemate, will appeal a decision to force him off-campus for the school year after he was charged with a drug paraphernalia misdemeanor during Scherl’s first arrest. Burkhard currently lives on campus, and the date for his appeal is unknown.

Associate Vice President for Public Relations John Morgan would not confirm or deny anything about the two cases.

“We are not commenting on this matter,” Morgan said in a Tuesday e-mail.

The charges all stem from the Jan. 23 incident when Hamden Police discovered 52 grams of marijuana, 0.7 grams of cocaine, drug paraphernalia, and $680 in their dorm room.

Friends of Scherl and Burkhard say they were aware of some illegal activity, but cared a great deal about the two students.

“I guess, yeah, he did bad things and he does deserve [stuff], but he’s a really good kid,” freshman Rachel Battino, a Perlroth resident, said. “The way the campus is handling it…I don’t know, I just want Matty back.”

“Hard drugs was a huge surprise,” said freshman Joelle Paolino, Scherl’s Perlroth neighbor. “We’ve become so close to that room, and it’s so hard not to love Mat.”

Julia Hvoslef, Paolino’s suitemate, has known Burkhard for four years through mutual friends.

“I never pictured this happening,” she said. “To be honest, he never would do things excessively bad or illegal. I was really surprised.”

Earlier today in Meriden, Burkhard faced one misdemeanor charge of drug paraphernalia, while Scherl faced two felony charges, sale of a controlled substance and possession of narcotics, and two misdemeanors, possession of a controlled substance and use of drug paraphernalia.

Results of the court appearances were unavailable at press time.