Give thanks to your friends

Jessica Simms

It is the time of year to start looking forward to the big turkey dinner that will be spent with loved ones on Thanksgiving day. But what about your friends here at QU? How can you celebrate the holiday with them before you head home for break? Here are some ways to celebrate the holiday honored  as “Friendsgiving.” – J. Simms


Make it a potluck

To make sure that one person is not the sole contributor to the Friendsgiving meal, have all attendees bring something for the meal. Whether they buy it from the grocery store or make it themselves in their kitchen, it is nice for everyone at the dinner to bring something to ensure the dinner comes together. Also, it is only fair for everyone to bring a dish so one person is not doing it all by themselves. 


Make the room feel special since you are about to sit down to a nice Thanksgiving inspired meal with friends. Put a nice tablecloth down and buy some fall themed paper plates and napkins. You could even make your own centerpiece and other decorations if you are the creative type (check Pinterest for ideas) or you can even go and buy some if you do not have time to them yourself. Make the room look festive to make it feel as if its not just a normal hangout between you and your friends.

It does not have to be traditional

A Friendsgiving celebration does not need to have all the traditional Thanksgiving dishes. You can be creative and try out new recipes. You can even talk to your friends and make your dinner themed. Have some fun with what dishes make it to your Friendsgiving meal because it does not have to only be restricted to turkey and stuffing. 

Make it small

It is not every day that you hold a celebration like this, so make it special. One way to do this is make the gathering small. This will allow for you and your friends to bond and make memories beyond just your normal day-to-day activities. Sit and talk. Make it a quaint and intimate event. 

Keep it casual

Although this is a special celebration between you and your good friends, you are not required to make it overly fancy. Allow for your guests, if you are the host or hostess, to wear comfy clothes and not feel obligated to dress up. Decorate the table nicely, but not feel as if you need to bring out your best cutlery. Invest in some disposable plates, cups and silverware to make cleanup as easy as possible.

Take pictures

What is an event without taking pictures? Get out your phones and cameras to document the fond memories you are about to make with your good friends. This will allow for you to always remember the enjoyable Friendsgiving celebration you had with your QU friends. 

Make it special

Holding an event like this is special, so make it that way. Avoid just sitting around and watching television because you can do that at any point in time. Enjoy each other’s company and do something interactive. Play a card game or listen to music together. Just be present in the moment because that is the whole point of making a Friendsgiving celebration.