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Treasures may be hidden in your dorm

The Quinnipiac residence halls have their own character and charm to them. Quads, doubles and sometimes triples to suite style: the buildings each offer something different. Roommates going through the ups and downs of college life together, sharing laughs, tears and some not-so-pretty moments. But the walls hold the true stories. And the real stories lay within the walls.

[media-credit id=2208 align=”alignright” width=”375″][/media-credit]All students leave their mark on campus when they sign the Book of the Legend at orientation. Some students take it a bit farther though. Signatures can be found on the tops of the doors in the residence halls. For students that are more curious, they found more than that.

“One night we were all in our room and we had a bunch of other friends over,” freshman Christian Santos, a resident of Larson said. “Someone was saying that they heard about the time capsules and we were all curious about it because we had never heard it, so we decided to go and check for ourselves.”

The scavenger hunt turned out to be successful for Santos and his friends.

“We stood up on top of one of the toilets and pushed the ceiling tile up and we found a bottle stuffed with letters,” Santos said.

The next step was to open up the message in the bottle to see what they found.

“So then we put the bottle inside a garbage bag, broke the bottle took the letters out and we started reading them,” Santos recalled.

The bottle contained three notes. One was illegible, but assumed to have been there for years because of the faded ink. The second letter was from the Class of 2013 that had words of advice for the freshman that would follow them. The third letter, was from the residence of Larson of the Class of 2018 and this one stated to always have each other’s backs.

“We are going to continue the tradition and make one with the old ones and our new one in a new bottle.”

Across campus, freshman Peter Danison also found something unique in Commons.

“My roommates and I were sitting at the window seat the first week, kind of messing around,” said Danison. “We knew that the ceiling tiles popped up, so we popped up some of them and found red solo cups and stuff and thought ‘oh maybe there’s something cool in here’, and we popped up this one and found this little message on the wall.”

The note Danison and his friends found was from the Class of 1996. It contained four names, and their room number, with a penny glued to it.

“It was pretty cool, it was kind of exciting and it was a good story to share with other people that we met here.”

There may be some more hidden time capsules scattered throughout campus. If you find any, be sure to send them to The Chronicle on Instagram

Here’s some tips for you and your roommates to build your own time capsule.

[media-credit id=2208 align=”alignright” width=”225″][/media-credit]Step 1: Pick a place you want to place the time capsule.

Step 2: Find an aluminum, stainless steel or coffee tin to place the items in. These are the best options for durable containers.

Step 3: Write your letter to the future with careful deliberation and thought.

Step 4: Seal the capsule airtight.

Step 5: Bury the capsule three to four feet underground.

Step 6: Be sure to mark where you placed it so that you can easily detect it years from now.

Step 7: Let time pass before you go back to find it, if someone has not already done so!

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