A chance to visit the world

Taryn Filomio

Traveling is an experience everyone should have; it allows us to become familiar with other cultures hands on. As college students, however, most of us can barely afford to pay for our textbooks let alone leisurely trips. Organizations such as EF College Break, Student City and Contiki have created travel deals targeted to students who have always wanted to travel but fell short when it came to expenses.

EF College Break is one of the largest international student travel providers, offering trips worldwide at low rates. The trips are targeted for anyone between the ages of 18 and 25. The website, www.efcollegebreak.com, lists all trips offered as well as what each package includes. For example, a grand tour of Europe for 18 days is priced at $2,457. During the trip, students visit the French Riviera, Amsterdam, Athens, Pompeii, Sorrento, Delphi, Florence, Rome and Paris. With this trip, as well as others, round-trip airfare, hotels, transfers, tours and breakfast is all included in the price. Sightseeing is accompanied by a tour guide, but EF College Break does not limit the student to exploring the areas on their own. At an extra expense, EF College Break also funds students if they wish to stay longer since they just can’t get enough of the place.

If students are looking to travel to a more tropical location, Student City deals mostly with spring break and summer trips. On the Student City website, students can select from trips already created by the organization, including Cancun Mexico, Jamaica, even a cruise to the Bahamas. Hotels are all listed in the area with prices, accommodations and also pictures of the rooms and the hotel itself. Another option that Student City offers is the “Name Your Price for Spring 2008”, where students list where they would like to go, how many people would be attending, and also how much the student is willing to pay. With that information entered, employees of Student City work to create the trip which best suits the student.

Contiki offers trips worldwide, including the USA and Canada. The age group targeted by Contiki is between the ages of eighteen and thirty five. Those interested have the opportunity to share their experience with twenty to fifty others on the guided tours. Trips include complimentary breakfast and dinner for their first day on the trip. If you enjoy the outdoors, Contiki has also created many camping trips worldwide. One trip offered is the Camping in Europe for sixteen days for only $1011. During that trip you can visit France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia.

With organizations like EF College Break, Student City and Contiki, traveling does not seem so out of reach as it did before. If the opportunity comes to see the Eiffel Tower up close or explore the Outback hands on, take it and learn from it. All of these organizations offer amazing experiences for students, creating a laid back, yet fulfilling cultural experience.