Student body needs

Jaclyn Hirsch

As most of us are aware, University President John Lahey expressed discontent with media groups on campus, specifically The Chronicle.

“I am less worried with personal liabilities and more with institutional liabilities,” Lahey said at the SGA meeting on Oct. 17.

From my perspective, this is not the case.

President Lahey is more worried about his image rather than representing this institution in a well-respected manner. The better he looks, the better his university looks, and he does whatever it takes to make himself look good.

Why should we, as students, play his game?

Lahey is using his power as the leader of this institution to manipulate his subordinates. He is intimidating the student body instead of working together with us.

He has enforced university policy to make sure administrators are censored when speaking to media groups. He is building walls that student journalists cannot break through.

As members of the Quinnipiac community, we are frustrated. We complain. We get angry. But as a group, we have done nothing.

It is important that we continue reporting, but we cannot lose sight of the remarks made against us. We cannot back down.

We must stand up and fight for our right to free speech. Instead of sitting back and saying, “this is unfair,” we, as a group, need to take action.

I truthfully do not care if we were voted second “Most Apathetic” school in the nation by the Princeton Review in August. This is our chance as a student body to stand up and make a change. We have the power in numbers.

Journalism is about persistence and determination. If we push the issue together as a student body we can prove that freedom of the press has no boundaries.