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Letter from the Opinion Editor


Writing an opinion piece is like starting a conversation. When you write for The Chronicle, students, staff and people you may never get the chance to meet will read your words.

Quinnipiac students are given the resources to write and propose solutions to issues they deem important, a power we shouldn’t take for granted.

Last semester, The Chronicle brought back the opinion editor position in hopes to bring focus to a section that was often under appreciated.

The Chronicle wants to hear from the student body as a whole, not just our staff. We want our opinion section to reflect the entire community and to publish powerful content we know exists.

When we publish an opinion, we are giving a voice to our student body. I constantly wonder how can I show my fellow Bobcats that our voice matters. My intention for this letter is to call out the students who believe in change. If you’re frustrated about anything in your life, write about it and propose a solution.

Our newest approach is about reaching out. Whether you want to write one solo or collectively with your organization, we are open to hearing what you have to say.

We all have opinions. Some of us have thousands of opinions, from what should be served in the Cafe, to why the drinking age should be lowered. Yet each week, I search for new topics to present to the newspaper staff and nag people until they hate me, to write one. Instead I want to hear from you.

You don’t need to be a part of The Chronicle to write an opinion or letter to the editor. We accept submissions from any Quinnipiac student and we will work with you too if you’re stuck on what to say.

Reading through other college newspapers, I can get a sense of who the student body is in the opinion section. Quinnipiac students are capable of establishing this type of voice, too.

I know that each of us have something we want to see change. Utilize your resources.

The New York Times has an On Campus category within their opinion section where students share stories from the horrors of Halloween on campus to why laptops shouldn’t be allowed in the classroom. This shows that an opinion can be anything you want to raise awareness about and you’ll be surprised how many people can relate to it too.

Having your work published is not only rewarding, but what you say can also make a difference.

With an undergraduate class of over 8,000 students, it’s hard to think that just one of us could shake an entire community, but I’m challenging you, the student, to be open to sharing and suggesting your opinions with Quinnipiac. Contact me, or anyone you already know in The Chronicle to find out how you can get your voice heard.

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