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Appreciate your car


I drive a 1995 Plymouth Voyager. If you’ve seen a rusted, purple minivan in the York Hill parking garage, you’ve found it. The thing belongs in a Quinnipiac parking garage about as much as Rafael Palmeiro belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

On the Thursday of finals weeks last semester, my car practically died at the red light at the bottom of York Hill. After 45 minutes in the rain and a visit from a Hamden police officer, AAA finally scooped me up and brought me to an auto body shop.

My father and I made various trips to repair shops across the state over the winter break looking for an answer to what was wrong, but the general consensus was that the purple van had seen its last road. I eventually came to terms with the idea and came back for this semester without a car.

Yet, in a visit from my parents last weekend, I saw that the van had risen from its ashes. When I saw it driving in the distance, my arms shot up like Jesse Pinkman’s in the iconic magnets scene from “Breaking Bad.” My father told me the car is running fine and now it’s back with me at Quinnipiac.

My jubilation from seeing the rusted frame roll up the Hilltop parking lot reminded me to appreciate my car. I don’t drive my car every week while I’m at school, let alone every day. It’s just assuring knowing that I have it as an option.

If I can be thankful for a purple minivan that rests a shuttle ride away to York Hill, then all Quinnipiac drivers should appreciate their cars.

It’s nice knowing that there is an option for you to get around Hamden and New Haven. With the limited out-of-town shuttles, cars are a luxury only certain students have for getting groceries and going to off-campus entertainment.

I also enjoy being able to go home on my own time. Instead of relying on my parents to pick me up, I can decide to go home to see friends or family at my own discretion.

Of course there are obstacles for student drivers. There is endless traffic exiting North Lot on school days and, if you’re like me, you need to take a shuttle just to get to your vehicle. However, students at York Hill can plan out their day to get all of their business on main campus done in one trip and utilize the shuttles. There’s nothing saying you have to use your car for all transportation.

Complain about paying for gas all you want. You’re going to have to get used to it. People all around campus also love handing their money to Uber drivers and taxis. If you want to make money on the weekends, you can turn your car into an enterprise. Students going to Toad’s may be willing to pay for reliable designated drivers. If they don’t pay, they’ll still certainly appreciate the ride and can return the favor when you need one.

I have far from the prettiest car on campus. If I can appreciate my rusted purple minivan perched atop York Hill, you should absolutely be thankful for your vehicle.

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