Customers beware: bag stolen from outside bookstore

Stephanie Silverstein

Customers have never been allowed to bring book bags into the Quinnipiac bookstore, but because of a recent theft, the policy is going to change.

Brittany Gevanter, a junior English major, left her Dooney and Bourke bag on the shelves outside of the bookstore on Sept. 1 and went inside to do her shopping. When she came out, her expensive bag was no where to be found.

After speaking with employees of the bookstore, Security and the bookstore manager on duty, Gevanter was not satisfied. The manager told her that the main manager would contact her the next day.

After exactly two weeks without hearing from the manager, she went into the store and spoke to manager Andy Tranquilli, who would not comment for this article. Tranquilli told Gevanter that he had not received the message that her bag was stolen.

“The main reason why I wanted to talk to him was because I wanted to get the policy changed,” Gevanter said. “He said that he wouldn’t want to change the policy because before[…]students had stolen thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.”

Gevanter suggested that Tranquilli install security bars at the entrance to the bookstore and mark the items with security tags which would set off an alarm if they were not deactivated at the time of a purchase. “He said that the security tags are very expensive. I told him the bag is very expensive,” Gevanter said. “He said that he wanted me to give him one day to try and figure things out.”

The next day, Gevanter heard back from Tranquilli. Gevanter said Tranquilli spoke to his boss about it,and is giving her a gift certificate for $200, which is about the price of her bag.

“I told him that I still want the policy changed because it is not fair. He said that from now on, students will be allowed to bring in tote bags and purses because he realizes how expensive they are,” Gevanter said.