Why do we have class when it snows?

Samantha Shedlock

Dear President Lahey,

I am writing to you not as a student who is looking to cut class for any reason or a slacker who didn’t study for an exam. I am a senior, which means that I was forced to move off campus this year.

In light of that fact, I find myself driving to and from campus dozens of times per day, maneuvering the narrow, winding hills that lead the way to Quinnipiac. Generally, I do not mind the insane scramble for parking, the long lines attempting to get off campus at 4 p.m. on a given afternoon, or the inadequacy of the shuttle “system”. Instead, I embrace the fact that a move off campus senior year is yet another step towards full independence. However, during bouts of nasty weather, I find that I along with my peers, are less than enthusiastic about braving the elements and risking our lives in order to get to class during a storm so bad that both the towns of Hamden and Cheshire find it necessary to close and cancel all activity. Last Thursday night, I looked out my window and swallowed hard, knowing that it was going to be a long drive to campus. I made it, knuckles white and teeth clenched, to find a mere 4 students in my class. My professor applauded us for showing up, and laughed at me as I told her how I had driven like a Yeti to get there and I thought my bravery deserved a few extra midterm points.

When I left campus two hours later, my car was buried underneath several inches of fluffy whiteness. I hurriedly dusted it off, jumped inside, and buckled my seatbelt for maybe the third time ever in my 6 years of driving.

A half hour later, my car sliding all over both sides of Whitney Ave., successfully maneuvered itself onto Evergreen, the long and lonely path home. I made it past the first three rows of tombstones before I slid off the road. Tears stinging my eyes, I took a few deep breaths, and pulled back onto the road. For about 10 minutes. Then my car spun again, narrowly missing a mailbox and a few trees.

I had had enough. I pulled over, abandoned my car, and walked the rest of the way home, to learn from my roommates that classes had not been cancelled that night because the basketball team did not want to reschedule their game. (I hope they won by the way).

I digress, I really just wanted to ask one simple question; why do we have class today?