U.S. mismanages priorities

Matt Lefebvre

The war on terror. That’s what we call it, or at least that’s the name we give it for justification. But it is all about perspective. We see other people in the world; Iraqis, Iranians, Koreans, etc., as threats to our way of life. But they see us as that same terror. The enemy who wants to invade and bomb because we don’t like what is going on. Who are we exactly? We aren’t the world police, and don’t need to be giving hundreds of millions of dollars to the tsunami relief. Granted it was a tragedy, appx. 273,000 people died and we rushed to their aid. Last year 1.5 million African children died of malaria. A disease we have medicine to cure and prevent. But we don’t help them. Why? Because what does Africa do for us? That is what the government says; and their answer is nothing, so the powers to be turn their back. Asia on the other made, and is a major exporter of every product in your home. Look at the tag on your shirt, 10-to-1 it comes from Asia. We could honestly care less about other people, America cares about itself and that’s it. And if that’s the way it is going to be, then fine, but don’t say how we are setting people free, and all the Capitol Hill b.s.

We want money, we want oil, we want people to owe us. We were afraid Saddam would use weapons against us, we invade. We want the oil he was sitting on, we invade. It had nothing to do with the people of Iraq. We worry about other countries’ problems, but what about America’s? The middle class is being squeezed out, soon there will be the upper and lower. The rich get richer. The poor people are left to fight for scraps. Minimum wage is $5.25. Someone who works for minimum wage, at 40 hours brings home $210 a week before taxes. And companies actually complain about that. Ask Wal-mart, they will give you an earful about how $5.25 is too much.

Other cultures may not be rich, but they are happy. They have their religion, families, traditions and other things that make them ‘rich.’ We judge success with how much money is in the bank. That’s why Martha Stewart cashed her stocks before her company went down before anyone else knew, got arrested, served six months in a prison that had a Christmas room decorating contest and is now out and about to start production on own reality show. What happened to the people who owned the stock, and did not have the inside track that the stock was going to go under? They lost all their money, and some their life savings. Same with the Enron situation. It is sickening. I am embarrassed for this country and what it stands for; money, sex, drugs, cheating and most importantly being nice to the little guy until he cannot help you anymore, and then turning your back on them.