Greek life misunderstood

Danielle Barbarich

Letter to the editor:

After reading your Feb. 2 column titled, “You are pathetic” I have wondered if you yourself had any ideas as to what the word “pathetic” meant. defines pathetic as, “arousing or capable of arousing sympathetic sadness and compassion” or “arousing or capable of arousing scornful pity.” The article written made it unclear as to who you thought was pathetic. Being the Managing Editor of the Chronicle, I’m sure you think this is a ridiculous rebuttal. However, I thought everyone learned in JRN 160 that before you write something, you need to check your facts. But hey, maybe you were absent that class.

My take on the situation was that you were confronted by someone bigger than you in the cafeteria for saying something offensive to him. You got scared, turned to your “authoritative position” as editor and complained to the entire school about it, hoping to ruin the reputation of Greek life here at Quinnipiac.

You said the fraternity brothers didn’t have “the first clue what is going on anywhere outside of their 200 acre world.” This is just one of the fallacies in the article; your paper wouldn’t have enough space if I addressed every ridiculous statement that you made. How is it, if Greeks don’t have a clue as to what is going on outside Quinnipiac, that they donate thousands of dollars to different organizations such as the Ronald Regan Alzy. [sic] And what about the hundreds of hours they volunteer around Hamden, and New Haven? Most fraternity members are involved in other organizations on campus, with several of them holding executive positions.

Greek life isn’t just an excuse to get wasted, go tanning, and what did you say? “Lower someone’s level of sophistication.” In fact being involved in Greek life is an opportunity to learn how to work with people, in a family, social, and business environment. Statistics show that the chances of graduating are 10% higher if you are involved with a Greek organization.

You said you thought you should support them now because you wouldn’t be hiring Greeks later. 80% of the executives of the 500 largest corporations are fraternity men. _ of our US Senators and all but 3 Presidents in the last century are Greek. With that said, I want to offer you one more piece of advice: maybe you should starting kissing up to fraternity members…because it looks like they’ll be the ones hiring you.