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Another day, another tragedy

Every few months it appears that there is a new national tragedy bringing grief to the nation, but maybe this is the way that things are just going to be.

American parents who will have to cover the eyes of their children, and shelter them from the grotesque realities of modern day America. A nation silently waiting for the next tragedy to be broadcast on the national news network; tragedies that used to occur only once a generation.

At one time, this view would be the outlook of a pessimist, but now it has become the outlook of an increasing number of realists.

Just a few months ago, the nation wept as we buried 20 innocent babies and six teachers killed while doing their job at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Then this past week, we watched as explosions shook the ground beneath runners at the Boston Marathon, leaving three dead and well over a 100 injured. Two days later, a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in Texas left about 15 people dead.

Oh yeah, and someone also tried poisoning the president and a senator this past week.

Growing up in the latter part of the 20th century and the early part of the 21st century in America has been both a blessing and a bad dream. Recently, however, it has been nothing but a nightmare that most people are just hoping to wake up from soon.

We just cannot catch a break, and right now that is exactly what this country needs. Time to collect ourselves and enjoy a period of extended serenity. Time to finally figure out where we went wrong, and why things are the way they have become.

It could be this generation, or maybe it was the generation before us. Society could be the culprit as well, but maybe it is just the product of a few bitter minds.

Whatever it may be, it absolutely kills me to realize that this world, as unrelentingly beautiful as it may be at times, has the capability to create such ugliness. Although humans may be inclined to feel love for one another, they are also programmed to hate.

After the recent events it will be important to step back and just examine the way things are. We live in a society where police are always looking for “suspicious packages.” Metal detectors stand guard at the doors of middle-city schools, looming over the hundreds of middle school children as they file into their classes. A society of locked windows and doors that must be bolted shut.

This being said, there is absolutely still hope. Change is difficult, but change is never implausible.

But with each tragedy, both big and small, the chances of change declines for myself, the rest of America and the rest of this world.

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