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Wine for the World campaign represented at QU

The wine industry comes with a new twist thanks to the crowd funding campaign, Wine for the World. The entity recently launched an site to help raise money for winemakers in the United States to travel to South Africa for the launch of the project.

Wine for the World is a social enterprise that partners winemakers in the United States with winemakers from developing countries, creating opportunities for wine makers in these countries. Their mission is “to build bridges and open markets for talented winemakers abroad,” according to the Wine for the World site.

Andrew Texeira, a Quinnipiac University grad student, is one of the members of the Wine for the World team. Texeira described Wine for the World as “socially responsible,” “global” and “an economic development.”

“Wine for the World is emblematic of a spirit of collaboration,” Texeira said. “Wine is something we share with our friends and family. It is a produce that brings people together. Regions all over the world produce wine. Our mission is to be like a connective tissue in helping wine sales develop in other countries. Wine is a global commodity.”

After Texeira went to the Lab Institute of Merchandising, he began working in event planning in the fashion industry. However, this became “jaded.” Once coming to Quinnipiac University for Grad School, he began doing political consulting. This too, became jaded, he said.

“I wanted to do volunteer work, something with passion,” he said.

This led Texeira to get involved with Wine for the World and became one of the start-up members. Quinnipiac University students can also volunteer with Wine for the World.

Texeira stressed volunteering as an important part of life for his peers, both in the graduate program and undergraduate program at Quinnipiac University.

According to Texeira, attending college is a stressful time.

“There is a lot going on with school, work, and more work as we are fearful about paying student loans. It may not always be easy,” he said. “But, I encourage any student to volunteer some of their time to a cause related to their interest. For me personally, I would not have known I really loved economic development if I hadn’t spent time volunteering,”

However, volunteering can help make clear what someone wants to do in their future. He also believes that students need to find a cause that is important to them.

“Whatever the issue most important to a student is, whether it be cancer research, LGBT rights advocacy or even international development, it can be anything,” Texeira said. “There is nothing more fulfilling than giving your time to contribute to real, meaningful change in the world.”

Quinnipiac University students can also get involved with Wine for the World through donating. The company is looking to raise $75,000. The total is broken down into three goals: $25,000 to help bring a small amount of wine to the United States this fall, to be sold by allocation only, $50,000 to help bring additional varieties and open other locations, and $75,000 to bring the wine to select stores and restaurants. The first goal of $25,000 is to be met by May 8. As of April 4, the campaign has raised more than $6,500.

Another monetary way to get involved according to Texeira, is to be “cognitive of how your purchases affect someone and can change an entire region.”

The monetary donations is necessary in order for the campaign to make the first step towards the future, which is to send winemakers to South Africa. After South Africa, the wine entity plans on traveling to other countries that have “traditionally struggled settling into the American market,” said Texeira.

To make a donation to Wine of the World, learn more about the campaign or watch the informational video, go to

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