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A freshman perspective

So my first semester of college is almost complete. Roughly one month left and then back home for Christmas. Being extremely lazy my senior year I found the workload chaotic and overwhelming at times. I felt as though I wasn’t the slightest bit prepared for college. I’ve survived, at some points I’m not sure how.

Being most busy in these last two weeks before break, I found it necessary to add to my list of things to do and write from the freshman perspective.

I never thought my roommates and I would mesh well, but I think we’ve worked it out. I can imagine one other place. Although the first week or so was a slow start with a few dips here and there, as a whole, I’ve had more positive then negative experiences.

We’ve all had our setbacks and shed our share of tears, I’m sure. Now things are starting to settle down or maybe they’re just beginning to pick up. Either way, my first few months of college are memories.

I’ve learned a great deal since I’ve arrived on campus. Everything used to taste better eaten off of plastic utensils, up until I started eating every other meal off this fine china.

I’ve become more cultured by accepting the word wicked, however, never using it. I’ve been more open to ideas such as “jug handle”, is a foreign word to some outside New Jersey. Also, not everyone is a Yankee fan and some people really hate the Jets. I’ve acquired a taste for Ritter corn; I think you call it kettle corn. Most importantly I’ve learned that everyone has different quirks and habits.

I’m told college is more about the experience, in between the studying and pretending to study I’m going to build everlasting friendships. I find myself thinking of home more than not lately.

It’s the consoling feeling home gives off, where everyone knows your name and you’re around the people you grew up with. I long for the days when college friendships will be similar to my high school friendships; solid and trustworthy.

Home sounds so sweet right now. The smell of homemade food and the comfort of knowing I can shower without flip flops on. The week ahead, of sleeping in and watching football with my dad all day on Sunday, it’s well deserved for everyone.

Enjoy your break and your Thanksgiving feast; I’ll see you when we return.

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