Honors Program launches online meetup group

Caroline Tufts

It can be difficult to keep track of events and opportunities available within the Quinnipiac community, both as students and faculty. This inspired The University Honors Program to make this task easier by creating a group on meetup.com.

“There are many events going on, but it can be hard to keep track of emails and posters and announcements from faculty in classes,” said Kathy Cooke, director of the Honors Program. “This is one centralized location that has everything.”

Founded in August, the group intends to bring together every club and organization on campus by broadcasting their activities to all students and faculty, not just those in the Honors Program. Upcoming events are listed on the page with dates, times, information about each event, and any updates to keep members informed.

After signing up for a profile through Facebook or personal email, as well as brief bio info, members can RSVP to events and view a list of other people planning to attend. Cooke said this feature can prevent people from stressing about who may be there and also helps members find people to go with.

“It showed who else was going to events which was nice, and it had a pretty long list of events that we could go to,” said freshman Becca Morse, whose QU101 course required students to use the meetup group.

The idea of the site is to unite the Quinnipiac community, as well as encourage attendance to all that there is to offer. Users also have the option of suggesting upcoming events, or “meetups,” so organizations are able to use it to promote their functions.

With new classes, organizations, and programs emerging at QU, Cooke and the Honors Program hope to showcase it all. They also want students and faculty to be aware of what they can be a part of as a member of the community.

“Being able to attend lectures, musical events, plays, and documentaries, is one of the advantages of being a college student, and Quinnipiac has a great deal to offer,” Cooke said. “We want to make it easy, and fun, and academically engaging, to be part of these events.”

To join the group, you can go to the website, and create a profile at: http://www.meetup.com/QuinnipiacUniversityHonorsProgram/.