Germano speaks about campaign on Q30 news

Nancy Hall

Mike Germano, Quinnipiac junior and candidate for Hamden Town Council, spoke to Q30 news on September 24 about his campaign, his planning, and his chances of winning.

Germano is currently serving as the Vice President of Public Relations for the Quinnipiac University Student Government Association. He officially announced his candidacy for town council on Thursday, Sept. 18, and held his first support rally on Sunday, Sept. 21. Germano told Q30 that he wanted to step up to town politics now in his junior year so that he would be able to fully engage himself in the two-year position.

The planning for this campaign began about eight months ago. Germano said that he attended several council meetings, conducted research, set up a fundraising plan, and arranged the campaign once he decided that he would up to the task if he were to be elected.

During his appearance on Q30, Germano stressed the importance of Quinnipiac students for his town council bid.

“The majority of the campaign will be geared to the Quinnipiac community because they are the largest block of supporters,” said Germano.

However, he will also get his name and ideas out to other Hamden residents in an effort to make them aware of his place in this race.

According to Germano, Hamden residents are pleased to see a student getting involved since the school population is such a large part of the Hamden community. He said that the 3,500 resident students of Quinnipiac outweigh the non-Quinnipiac residents of Hamden, making Germano a very real presence in the race for the council seat.

Regardless of the election results, Germano does not plan to disappear from town politics. He said that he would still work with a council committee if appointed by the Mayor, ideally the Technology Committee, so that he could accurately represent Quinnipiac University students.