Benefits of joining an organization

Katherine Rojas

I have been a member of the Chronicle for three years now, and everyday I am reminded of its wonderful benefits. Joining the Chronicle has its perks, from the people I work with, to the informative conferences that include free trips to great cities like Chicago. If it weren’t for joining this organization, college would be mediocre.

I joined the Chronicle because I am a print journalism major and I have a passion for writing, reading and news. I always knew I was going to join my school’s paper so it was an easy step to take. But it became a bigger deal other than just work, it became the place to meet people with many talents and creativity that bring so much to our media organization.

Quinnipiac’s student media organizations can appeal to any student of any major. I know many non-communications majors that still joined student media organizations — our very own editor-in-chief is a history major. The truth is: everyone relates to media. If you’re always checking Twitter, reading the news for updates, watching videos of news packages, or flipping through photo galleries, you’re interested in media.

The organizations in our school help students find a safe haven of peers with similar interests to theirs and a common ground to build friendships and lifelong relationships. Being around people with the same goals and passions as mine really created the foundation of my happiness at Quinnipiac.

I can’t imagine studying at Quinnipiac without joining a fun organization. We have fun clubs, like QU After Dark, which hosts events as a late night alternative. Then you have the Anime club, which is interesting for learning and bonding over the hobby. Ultimately, there’s something for everyone. If you disagree, you can create your own club! Campus Life has meetings every Friday for students who want to make their own club.

But when it comes to finding something for your major, the possibilities of organizations are endless. It’s hard to complain to your friends with different majors of the struggles and stress your work creates. Especially for me, as a communications student, other students may think it’s a joke. Sure I don’t have clinical or student-teaching but I do having editing and research that takes time to work on.

I’m not saying my major is harder than a health science major, but we shouldn’t disregard all the work every student here is doing and assume ours is harder than theirs. You need different tools and skills in any major, and we can all bond over it in the provided organizations at Quinnipiac. Not to mention, your involvement in these organizations and leadership positions may also benefit your resume.

The organizations at our school can truly prepare us for the real world. We learn how to work with others and strengthen our communication skills, we gain experience and clips to provide for job interviews and we learn more about our own school. Being a part of an organization makes you a part of the university and knowing more of what it offers.

I know that being part of the Chronicle has brought me closer to knowing the faculty and staff members, and learning about the student body and their concerns. It’s been fun really knowing the ins-and-outs of our school and all it has behind the scenes. We’ve been providing you with the information you need and want to hear, and that’s all we love to do.