Rumblings on the sideline

Matthew Lefebvre

Virgina Tech has a quarterback controversy brewing. Junior Bryan Randall is the starter now but watch for red-shirt Freshman Marcus Vick, Michael Vick’s brother and C.J. Vick’s cousin, to take the starting job by midseason Don’t think the University of Miami’s running game is in trouble just because they lost stand out running back Willis McGahee to the NFL draft. Replacement Frank Gore is considered by some, better than McGahee. Gore was the starter two seasons ago until he torn his ACL and was replaced in the line-up by McGahee. The best team that no one’s heard of… Northern Illinois. Beating #14 ranked Maryland wasn’t a shock to the Huskies who have been on the rise for the last two seasons. Led by senior quarterback Josh Haldi, who had 266 passing yards and two touchdowns versus Maryland, the Huskies could go undefeated. The University of Connecticut might be the best recruiting school ever. They didn’t have a football team until last year and already they’ve beaten nationally respected Iowa State (2002) and won the home opener against the University of Indiana this year. Can someone say Big East Conference invitation for 2004. Ty Willingham is a good coach and Notre Dame was a good team last year, but don’t expect another two loss season for the Fighting Irish. Losses in the secondary and significant loses in the offensive line have the team’s protection of quarterback Carlyle Holiday in question. Two consecutive New Year’s Day bowl games is a long shot Don’t expect teams who lost star quarterbacks over the off-season like USC (Carson Palmer), Miami (Ken Dorsey), Iowa (Brad Banks), and Iowa State (Seneca Wallace) to falter. Team’s are always getting their back ups ready for the eventual loss of their stars. The drop off of the talent under center for these teams will be negligible North Carolina State is the best team in the ACC, maybe the best team on the entire east coast. Senior quarterback Phillip Rivers is this year’s Carson Palmer. Sophomore Running Back T.J. McClendon is a unstoppable in the open field. Sterling Hicks and Tramain Hall might be the best 1-2 Wide Receiver combo in the nation