Parking driving students crazy

Jamie DeLoma

Quinnipiac has a problem that drives many students to the edge and risks their very academic careers that they chose this university to strengthen. Parking has become such a major issue on campus this academic year that many students find themselves reaching their scheduled classes late when they actually arrived on campus early.

Granted, the past two weeks of classes have been hectic for everyone but there ought to be a way to ensure that all students that live off campus register their vehicles in a much more timely and effective manner than is currently done.

After all unauthorized vehicles are out of the commuter parking lots parking tensions will be reduced, but will not likely be by much. Parking remains to be a major issue on this campus even when only commuter students park in the commuter lots. Quinnipiac owes its commuter students an assurance that they will find a parking spot in a timely manner without having to drive around two lots repeatedly hoping that they can catch a departing student before another student snatches up his or her parking space.

What Quinnipiac needs to consider doing is expanding its Hogan parking lot further as well as expanding the visitor’s parking area and allowing commuters to park in it more often. The problem now is there is no real schedule of when that lot will be available to off-campus students. In doing this, many new parking spaces will have been added and the parking problems that face the North and Hogan lots will be relieved. Perhaps the possibility of adding a garage-type structure someplace on campus, perhaps at Hogan, would relieve the parking problem entirely.

Last week, as the university re-opened, students struggled greatly to try to find a place to park. Evidence of this was the line of cars waiting near the recreation complex for students to leave. Perhaps more students would park at the Hogan parking lot if there were more shuttles taking them to and from class. The ride from the Hogan lot to the Faculty Office Building area takes a matter of seconds making the ride not the problem but rather the inconsistancy of the shuttle buses. Something needs to be done to ensure that students can arrive on campus and find a place to park in a timely manner sooner than later.