Beginning as QC students – leaving as bobcats


The last four years have been years of enormous change and prosperity for QU.

The university has quite literally “broken new ground” (see Mountain View, Athletic Center, Pine Grove, Arnold Bernhard Library, Cafeteria and soon Rocky Top). From QC, a little known school, to QU, a school recognized throughout the nation as a university with excellent academics and top professors.

Change from a Division II athletic program to a Division I program is always difficult, but QU athletes have had no fear and have proven that QU is Division I worthy (see Women’s Soccer, Men’s Ice Hockey, Women’s Field Hockey, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, just to name a few).

Pride in the university is increasing and that has to do with the class of 2003. The last class to start as QC students will be leaving as bobcats, and I predict we will make an immediate impact in the real world.

I have seen our class come together through triumph and tragedy. We are one big family and that will never change.

We are a family that has seen lots of change and many more changes are still in our future and the future of the university. But, one thing is for sure: we cannot change the best four years of our lives, but only hope to build upon it and watch QU change even more and become an even more diverse and prestigious school like we know it is and will continue to be.

Quinnipiac has given each of us the possibility to grow into better people, and hopefully those of you reading this article have taken advantage of that opportunity.

If not, there is still time for you to change and get involved, to make a difference. Once you graduate there is no coming back.

There is no changing the past, only the future, so make sure your past has no regrets and that you are giving your best right now. It will lead to a bright future.