O’Neill says misinformation led to scrutiny


There has been a lot of negative publicity regarding the Student Government Association here at Quinnipiac University. This article will hopefully shed some positive light on student government and its efforts to make life at Quinnipiac a little bit easier.
Like anything in life and politics, the bad news always outweighs the good news. When you watch television, you will see stories about crime; you will not see the stories about community service and other positive news.
Our student government has four committees and four cabinets that work hard to satisfy the needs of the student body.
The finance committee allocates over $500,000 to student organizations. Throughout the year it takes special appeals for some of that money from SGA funded student organizations.
The Student Concerns Committee deals with various student concerns on campus. There are liaisons for the Student Center, Student Affairs, Security, Administrative Services, Residential Life, Facilities and the library.
The Student Programming Board programs events every weekend. Various committees that program events are cultural, comedy, concert, novelties, special events, films and travel.
Events SPB has programmed recently include Oktoberfest, Helping Hands, Spring Break trip and the 112 concert.
The last committee is the Public Relations Committee. This committee publicizes information from the Student Government Association to the student body. Information can be found on the bulletin board across from the tray drop in the cafeteria, where you can find brochures, minutes and meeting times.
If you would like to see how student government runs, you can attend an SGA meeting every Wednesday at 4:15 p.m. in SC 207.
Committee and cabinet meetings are also open to everyone. Information regarding all meeting times can be found on the bulletin board, SGA’s web site or by asking your RA, as they should have a flier with all meeting times.
Some ad hoc committees that have been formed this semester are the Student Center Ad Hoc Committee and the Bobcat Ad Hoc Committee. The Student Center Committee is gathering information and putting forth a proposal for a new and expanded Student Center to fit the needs of the university’s growing student body. The Bobcat Committee is trying to spread school spirit and change the name of the Rathskeller to the Catskellar and change the name of Dorm Road to Bobcat Alley, among other things.
There is also an ad hoc committee to look into making an honor policy on campus. Another an ad hoc committee is looking into the QC versus QU issues, since there are still many buildings, forms and web site links that have Quinnipiac College on it.
Each cabinet has been working diligently to program successful events. The senior class had a successful DUI simulator event. The junior class is programming its annual Thanksgiving dinner. The sophomores and freshmen also have big events planned for this semester.
The Student Government Association has been working hard on issues with their respective committees and ad hoc committees, and the cabinets have been working on programming as well as receiving and working on issues given to them by their classmates.
If you question the integrity of the Student Government Association and the job that we are doing, then I ask you to attend any of our meetings or talk to any student government member, because we exort every effort to do our best to improve this campus.
If you have any questions or comments, call x 8475 or stop by the SGA office located in SC 212.