Letter to the editor: Name change offends graduate

As a 1982 graduate of Quinnipiac College, I am thoroughly embarrassed and appalled by the change of the school’s nickname from Braves to the new one. I am not the only one. Many of my alumni friends feel the same way.
All of us associated with or wore the nickname “Braves” across our chests have been betrayed by the college. We were honored to have that name.
I have also spoken to a couple of members of the athletic department and they, too, hate the new name.
The new name has nothing to do with Quinnipiac. Not one bit. But look at Braves. Indians were proud to be called Braves. It was and is an honor and a sign of respect. Buckling to be “politically correct” is a sign of weakness. The Washington Redskins have refused to buckle. The Atlanta Braves do the tomahawk chop. The Bradley Braves. The Cleveland Indians.
While you’re at it, why not get rid of the name Quinnipiac since that is Indian as well?
I am sure the alumni polled when this change was being considered voted overwhelming to keep the name Braves. But the “powers that be” decided not to go along and made the change anyway. Now they should do the right thing and get rid of this new name and go back to Braves, the way it should be.