Freshmen brothers get a kick out of Bobcat soccer

Dan Altano

Freshmen brothers Cory and Conor Shilcock-Eliot, who both play for the men’s soccer team, have been involved in the sport since as far back as they can remember. It comes as no surprise that the transition process from the high school level to the Division 1 college level came with little struggle.
Cory, who plays center back for the Bobcats, was recruited after playing for the premier club soccer team FC Delco in Delaware County, where he helped his team win a national championship in 2002. Cory also played four years of high school soccer in conjunction with the premier team.
Standing six feet tall and weighing 190 lbs., Cory has a practical approach to the game.
“I like to set the tone for each game,” he said. “When it first starts, players are usually a little tense, but I try to be relaxed out there and also really aggressive at the same time.”
Conor is a year and a half older and played alongside his brother in high school for three years. He has recently become the Bobcats starting goaltender after joining the team as a walk-on, because he took last year off from school and competition.
“At the start of the season, my original goal was just to make the team and maybe get a little playing time,” said Conor. “Now that I’m playing every game, all that has changed and I just want to do my part to help the team.”
Playing together on the same team is not something either of the brothers think too much about after playing with one another at different levels since they first started playing soccer.
Quinnipiac was the perfect fit for both of them.
“We chose this school because we knew that they had a very talented team and could use our help after losing some key seniors last year. On top of that, we both wanted to study Digital Design and we really liked the program,” said Cory.
Both Cory and Conor said confidence and relaxation is the key to the way they both play, a tool that every player in the family possesses.
Kyle, the oldest of the four brothers, played soccer at the University of Delaware and the youngest, Keith, is a sophomore in high school.
“Sports play a huge part in our family,” said Cory. “We all love to play every different sport and we are always active.”
Aside from soccer, Cory and Conor played four years of ice hockey and are big fans of the Philadelphia Flyers.
“I think it will be great to play with my brother for four more years,” said Conor. “After all, I would rather have him playing in front of me than some kid I don’t know.”