Support wanted from Lahey

Those who were in the audience last Saturday listening to President John Lahey’s Parent’s Weekend speech must have heard him say it: “The student newspaper here doesn’t always get things right.”
While this is a true statement, it was extremely unprofessional of Lahey to show how little he supports Quinnipiac’s newspaper. Sure, we make mistakes, but we are a student-run newspaper, and we are here to learn. And maybe, if Lahey took some time out of his busy schedule to actually meet with the editor in chief of the newspaper, or at the least respond to e-mails, he could be a part of this learning process.
To announce in front of approximately 300 parents that he does not believe the newspaper can get things right, Lahey might as well have said “whatever your children do here at Quinnipiac, make sure they don’t join the newspaper staff.”
The Chronicle has made some significant improvements in the past year, and the staff is working hard on making it a good newspaper. During the past few weeks, student responses to articles and opinion pieces published have been enormous. We have started the debate about the purpose of a student government, forcing the Student Government Association here at Quinnipiac to be more accountable. We have increased our distribution with 500 copies, and departments on campus call us regularly asking to have copies of the newspaper delivered to their particular office. Many of our editors are stopped on a daily basis by students and faculty members who want to comment on the noticeable differences in the newspaper, and our support from the School of Communications is stronger than it has been in many years.
This is something that should be mentioned, not the fact that The Chronicle makes occasional mistakes in headlines. Even The New York Times makes mistakes and prints corrections on a daily basis, so there is no reason not to show support for the newspaper.
Support hasn’t been taken away from Academic Technology even though the network is unstable and the frequent Blackboard crashes has forced teachers so spend time on technology instead of teaching, so why should a few mistakes in The Chronicle give Lahey the right to criticize the newspaper in public?
It is nice to know that Lahey at least takes some time out of his busy schedule to read the student newspaper. However, if he could show some support for The Chronicle maybe we could actually advance into a level of greatness this university has never before seen.