Letter to the Editor: Business fraternity introduction

First I would like to thank The Chronicle for running the advertisement for the Professional Business Fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi this and last semester. Then I would like to take a minute to discuss this new organization that now exists on Quinnipiac’s campus.
This organization was created in order to offer an opportunity to the entire university. This opportunity consists of an education to all students about the professional world. Based on the foundation of business, this organization centers its efforts on providing a “real-world” orientation to the professional environments that students will be thrown into when they graduate from college.
A general consensus from all professors, especially business professors, is that Quinnipiac’s students are clueless as to what the professional world is all about. An opportunity to clue students into the real world is here: Alpha Kappa Psi at Quinnipiac University.
This co-educational, professional-based fraternity operates like a business. The events that are put on include various networking opportunities, professional speakers and community involvement projects. The chapter encompasses all disciplines of business. Members of this organization utilize the skills learned in the classroom in the way that the fraternity is operated.
The chapter is organized into various committees and each is associated with a different discipline of business, including the following: PR/Marketing, Finance and Professional.
Each “division” of the chapter has its own goals and objectives and operates like its own department. Collectively, these divisions work together to accomplish the overall objectives, goals and mission of the entire organization to create skillful business leaders.
The key to this organization is the business focus that exists within its operations. There is a brotherhood culture that helps create lifelong friendships and networking. The team dynamics that exist are of extensive connections on a level beyond the basis of just working together; these connections extend to a deeper level in which true personal connections are made.
Regardless of a student’s interest or major, the professional world is a staple in every student’s future. Alpha Kappa Psi is a true and promising opportunity to help students grow into the professional leaders of tomorrow.
The chapter is holding its first RUSH period this semester. We are offering information sessions this coming week to open our doors and offer more information about the organization to any interested students.
For more information please email me at [email protected] quinnipiac.edu or visit www. quakpsi.org.