The role of student government, part two

Sean Hughes - Staff Writer

The Quinnipiac Community over the last several years has gone through a transitional period changing from a small college to a much larger university.
Looking at the student government and the university’s education process, a startling conclusion can be made. If indeed Quinnipiac University is a higher learning center for students, shouldn’t the Student Government Association’s purpose be to teach students about their expertise and how it affects college students?
Politics is about the relationships of like-minded students carrying out the task of representing various segments of society. Right now the majority of society does not have an interest in politics, so why would you expect students in colleges and universities to care? If they don’t care, then make them care, and no excuses should be made. It is the responsibility of the leaders of our student government, our nation, to lift our spirits in time of crisis. Look how well our political leaders lifted our spirits in the aftermath of Sept. 11.
Should the Student Government Association be educating the students through political events? This would be the perfect opportunity for students to take the next step toward educating the student body here at Quinnipiac University using all the resources available.
How about bringing people who have influence outside of the Quinnipiac Valley to educate us about how to get a job in this economy? What about an event where the Hamden Community and Quinnipiac Community got together and resolved their issues? Wouldn’t that be a great way for issues to be resolved through a discussion forum?
Isn’t money a problem? Not in this case, because Quinnipiac University has new buildings that were recently constructed, such as the College of Liberal Arts building, the Athletic Center and a new sports arena planned for the future, including a basketball court and a hockey rink.
If most of the money is going toward buildings that look great on the inside and the outside, then when will the students get a building for their very own? I think its about time that image becomes secondary, and content be a constant.
Public Relations: only one question, why is the semi-formal under that job description? Wasn’t the Student Programming Board’s purpose to program events for the entire student body?
It is about time the government accepts that like any business, it must be reorganized when needed. The student government needs to reorganize itself and change over time to be successful and accomplish their goals.
Repetitive jargon, namely events put on by student classes and the semi formal dance should be the responsibility of the Student Programming Board, and the Student Government Association recognizes the organization as a part of the student government. It would be interesting to see what could be accomplished with the leaders of the student government if more time was given toward dealing with issues affecting the students.