Letter to the Editor: Miller excited about working with excellent students


Last Saturday evening, after I got off of the bus from the Emerging Leaders Retreat, I had the pleasure of witnessing a student-directed, student-produced play entitled Suburbia. I left the show feeling very proud of the students involved with the performance. In my job as Director of the Student Center, I am very privileged to work with excellent students who make many things happen on this campus by their hard work and effort.
I am pleased to welcome student director Neil Breen and his cast and crew into the company of those outstanding students. Aside from the show being enjoyable to watch, many of the details such as sets, programs, sound, and lights were professionally presented. This may not seem important at first glance – however, students exercising their creativity in this fashion is an element that truly makes our University a great and special place. I hope that Mr. Breen’s work on Suburbia inspires other students to try their hand at creating something special and lasting on this campus. We have such a wealth of experience and talent here – it seems quite a shame that more students don’t get to share their gifts more often.
In any case, I left Buckman Theater mingling among the students on their way to the Dining Hall to play some late-night Bingo and I felt proud. I felt proud to work at this University and proud of our fun, exciting, and talented students who used their time to create something meaningful and something from which our entire campus and surrounding community can benefit. I look forward to seeing what these outstanding students do next.
Congratulations also to our Dance Company, Gospel Choir, Pep Band and all of the arts, musical, and performance groups on campus who get little recognition but add so much to our collective lives at Quinnipiac. I am grateful for your work and your contributions to student life.
Michael Miller
Director of the Student Center and Student Leadership Development