Intramural sports popular on campus

Undergraduates, law students, graduate students, or staff member are encouraged check out intramural sports at Quinnipiac University.
“We put up banners, we put up signs that give people the dates that rosters are due,” said interim director of intramurals Nick Wormley. “Individuals can come sign up with us or they can get their own teams together usually with friends and all that good stuff,”
The most popular intramural sports students play are five on five basketball, three on three basketball, football, and softball. You can also find tennis, bowling, volleyball and others to participate in.
There are skill levels for everyone at the intramural department. Most sports are divided into divisions one, two, and three. Division one would be the highest skill level with experienced players while division three would be for someone who just wants to try something new.
Those looking for some good competition you cannot go wrong with playing intramural sports. Senior player Eric Yutzy, a four year player of intramural basketball and softball said, “When you raise the bar from a division 2 to division 1 school you cut out that certain level of players who can play. Instead of having kids that come and walk on and try and make the team now they can’t make the team and they want to be fit and stay active so the play intramurals.”
Glenn Giangrande, a junior intramural bowler said, “I think it’s great to be involved in the bowling league this year. Me personally, I’m a guy who loves competition. It’s in my blood. I played baseball for 13 years, and when I stopped after I got to Quinnipiac, I felt a competitive void in me that I think the bowling league fills nicely.”
A new look with the intramural department is the Intramural Insider, which is a paper that comes out every week. It informs those interested in the scores, standings, and individual point totals.
The newsletter includes players of the week, ref of the week, schedules, and in depth articles on the teams involved.
If you are interested in playing intramurals or reading the Intramural Insider stop by Nick Wormley’s office in the athletic center.