Freeze dried pets for the new year

People do a lot of weird things in this world. Some really, really strange things. But few are as strange as freeze drying a family pet. Oh yes- freeze drying.
There is a new process that several taxidermists are trying out. An animal is placed inside a freezer where a vacuum pump sucks out the moisture, leaving the pets preserved and very chilly.
Burying pets is understandable. It’s standard practice to dump things in the ground when they die. Cremation of family pets is understandable. It’s a little more expensive, but many people do it. But freeze drying your pet?
Taxidermist Mike Mculloch told the BBC that there isn’t a big difference between a stuffed animal and a freeze-dried animal. Yeah, except the freeze dried one is gross!
Who can imagine going home, kicking back on the sofa, flipping on the TV and then, oh so casually, glancing up at the mantel and saying hello to dearly departed Scruffy.
Pets are very special. They make people laugh when they are sad, give us comfort after a hard day and make excellent foot warmers at night. To many owners, their pets are like children.
But yet, there are those people who just can’t let go. Hey, here’s an idea! Why stop with pets? When Grandma kicks the bucket, let’s haul her into the freezer. When she’s done, simply prop her up in her favorite rocking chair. Just don’t forget to dust her once in awhile.
There are several things about the pet freeze drying process that are extremely immoral. This must be an ethicist’s nightmare. Have some respect for the dead. Hopefully, the pet led a good life, so just let it go. Deaths are never easy to handle, but burying or cremating a pet has to be a lot easier than eating breakfast with Rover positioned next to you.
Freeze drying pets is truly “Pet Semetary” meets “Weekend at Bernie’s” come true. And think of the problems.
What if not all the moisture was sucked out and the pet starts leaking? What if another pet thinks its a toy and runs around the house with it’s freeze dried predecessor?
It’s sick and it’s wrong. End of story.