How “winter blues” hit many during the holiday season

Kristen Daley

The holidays have an unusual effect on everyone. There is no doubt about it. It is just another one of life’s certainties, along with death and taxes. It does not matter just what holiday you celebrate. You are bound to feel something.
Emotions run rampant especially near these winter holidays. They range from the infamous “winter blues,” to an overwhelming feeling of joy. We all know which of these we would rather have at the time, but it seems beyond our control. It may just be.
Chalk it up to your own generosity and kindness, or envy and desire. The holidays are what each of us makes of them. The insatiable desire to put a smile on the face of your loved one, along with the desire (that many feel but do not care to admit to) for a little self-gratification can push away the seasonal blues. However, this may only last as long as your leather wallet can handle it.
Whatever the winter blues might be caused by, whether it be a loss of someone close to you or an ongoing hardship you have faced throughout the year, take the time to reflect. Just a few moments of silence may help you remember something you can be thankful for, something to be happy about. This is the unfailing way to find the true reason