Theater class to fulfill EN102

Nicole Celli

Quinnipiac students will be offered the chance to take an alternative English 102 class this spring.

English 102 Theater fulfills the Freshman Composition requirement while offering a creative outlet for students who are interested in the subject and wish to learn more. No previous experience in theater is required, and students from all majors can register.

This will be the third year the class, taught by Professors Anita Appelbaum and Monica Bauer, has been offered.

Throughout the course of the semester, students read three play scripts and see the plays on three pre-set Saturdays. They write three argumentative essays based on the plays, and a long research paper on a play of their own choosing.

The plays are based on timing throughout the semester, but also the ideas that students can get out of them.

“This course is unique because it’s concentrated on experience in the theater as well as experience in the written word,” said Bauer, who is also a professional playwright.

Appelbaum has directing experience under her belt as well.

“By taking this class I got a better understanding of terminology in the theatre world and I got better at writing comparative essays between reading the plays and actually seeing them,” former EN 102 Theater student James Dineen said.

There will be an informational meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 3 at 5 p.m. in Tator Hall, Room 117. Appelbaum and Bauer will be there to describe the course and answer any questions, and previous students will also relay their experiences.