Anime Club looking to expand

Lauren Wolman

An unmarked video at her local library lead Jennifer Andreozzi to discover the world of Anime when she was just 10 years old. Now, the sophomore history and secondary education major from Wallingford, Conn., is the president of Quinnipiac’s very own Anime Club.

Started four years ago, the club studies and enjoys the Japanese form of animation called anime.

“There’s a couple of different ways it can be viewed, a couple of different ways it can be drawn, and different styles,” Andreozzi said. She went on to explain that the art form is often confused with manga, which is something that you read.

A typical meeting of the Anime Club includes viewing a few different types of anime or watching a movie. They also hope to take a trip each semester to different anime festivals. For instance, the club traveled to the New York Anime Festival last Saturday.

“It’s always interesting because it can be a look into their culture, even though it’s not meant to be,” Andreozzi said of the art.

The club, which Andreozzi estimates has around 25 regularly attending members, is looking forward to the future.

“We’re getting a budget to try to make trips more do-able,” she said.

The anime club is very open to new members, even those who may not be anime experts.

“We’re also looking to expand. Even if people aren’t die-hard anime fans, we want them to know that they can come and experience it and see if they do like it,” Andreozzi said.

The Executive Board of the Anime club, which includes Vice President Katherine Diaz and Secretary Haruka Iida, is currently looking for someone interested in becoming the clubs treasurer, “as long as they’re interested in what we do,” Andreozzi said.

Those intrigued by anime, or even those who want to simply come and watch a movie, are invited to attend the clubs weekly meetings, which are held Wednesday nights in the School of Business, Room 119.

“We’re really open, even if people aren’t sure they’re interested, we’re really nice,” Andreozzi said.