Hall Wars: Irma/Dana take title

Stephanie Osmanski

Enthusiasm filled the the Quad last Sunday, as residents of each of the freshman dorms gathered together to represent their “home team” in the multi-dorm competition that is Hall Wars. Sponsored by Sigma Phi Epsilon, Hall Wars provides freshmen with the chance to participate in team-bonding events that attempt to fill everyone with a sense of community. With T-shirts emblazoned with their dorm’s name and color-coded team spirit, Quinnipiac’s freshmen cheered on their teammates and fought long and hard to claim the title of Hall Wars champion.

“It’s awesome how we have a bunch of fans supporting all of the teams,” freshman Rita Cordero of Ledges said. “Even though my hall wasn’t in the finals, it’s great to still support everyone.”

With Ledges wearing red, Dana/Irma in green, the Suites in blue and Commons sporting orange, the Quad was a vision of color, sweat and tears, as the teams tried to secure their dorm the honor of first place. The list of events included soccer, kickball, gladiator, “hot shot” basketball and volleyball.

Though all displayed effort and dedication, only one team could come out on top. The official results of the 2009 Hall Wars show Commons in fourth place, The Suites in third, Ledges in second, and Irma/Dana as the winner.

“Hall Wars was a really good way to get involved with the QU community,” said freshman Alyssa Welsh of Irma/Dana. “The whole day was fun and Dana/Irma represented really well.”

“I enjoyed just watching everyone and how much everyone’s enthusiasm really took over the spectators,” freshman Sarah Defino of Ledges said.

Jimmy Neufeld, a resident assistant for Commons, was overcome with the incredible sense of community on display.

“Hall Wars this year really brought everyone together,” he said. “It was the first time there was a tie for first within the Commons halls and it was great to see everyone cheer for each other and feel that Commons spirit,” Neufeld said.