Security restricts juniors’ parking

Phil Nobile

Photo by Madeline Hardy/Chronicle

Quinnipiac juniors are not allowed to park on Mount Carmel campus during weekday peak hours and are subjected to ticketing, Chief of Security & Safety David Barger said in a presentation to Hamden’s Planning and Zoning Commission Sept. 27. However, the university’s student handbook details no such rule.

According to the handbook, “students with York Hill parking decals are allowed to use the North Lot and park in the commuter area. York Hill parking decals also are valid on the North Haven campus.” There are no specifics listed distinguishing juniors and seniors, or certain hours limiting juniors’ parking privileges.

In a memorandum written by Hamden Assistant Town Planner Daniel Kops Jr., he states “contrary to the statement made to the Commission during the Public Hearing that students living at York Hill campus would not have passes allowing them to park in commuter parking lots during the day, it seems that they have been given passes. A large number of them are now driving to school, increasing traffic congestion at the West Woods/Whitney Avenue intersection, and reducing the number of prime parking spaces available for true commuters.”

Also in the memorandum, numbers given to the town commission stated that the statistics Quinnipiac provided needed to be clarified by the next meeting. According to the numbers provided by the university, only 110 less students are living off campus this year than three years ago, despite the addition of Eastview and other on-campus accommodations for seniors.

Barger was unable to comment by press time.

The Chronicle will continue to monitor happenings with this story at the Oct. 11 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.