Bobcat Den not yet up to code

Katherine Rojas

Bobcat Den
Matt Eisenberg/Chronicle

The current renovation of the Bobcat Den has revealed a substantial need for an upgrade of the facility and its equipment.

“Almost every piece of equipment is being replaced,” said Joseph Tobin, director of Chartwells dining service. “The facility has been almost totally gutted.”

Director of the Bobcat Den Chris Schumacher said the building hasn’t had a “considerable makeover” since it opened in the mid-1990s.

“To be honest with you, our kitchen was so outdated,” Schumacher said. “We didn’t even have a steamer.”

Tobin wrote in an email that nothing was wrong with the Bobcat Den, but the equipment needed to be updated due to its regular life expectancy.

Because the Bobcat Den hasn’t been renovated since its opening, new state building codes have delayed its completion.

According to Tobin, some of the major issues that have come up during renovation have included heating and air conditioning as well as outdated electrical and plumbing specifications.

Most inspections of the Bobcat Den were done by town, local or state departments such as building and zoning, electrical inspectors, plumbing inspectors and the local health department, said Tobin.

In the planning phase of the project, the architects and engineers are responsible for designing and planning the architectural drawings to code, Tobin explained. During the construction phase, permits are attained by the various trades, conforming the project to code and notifying the specific town or state departments for inspection of the completed work.

The Bobcat Den is expected to open later this month, providing students once again with a late-night food option close to their residence halls.