York Hill plans for health center next year

Nicole Celli

After two years without a health center at York Hill, one is expected for next year.

According to Director of Student Health Kathryn Macaione, it has taken so long “for a variety of reasons.”

“The state hasn’t been very kind to us, and they keep holding up, for kind of silly things,” she said. “Their last walk-through there weren’t any paper plates in the cabinet where we will prepare food for students who might be in one of the beds. Well of course there weren’t any paper plates; we’re not using the place! Things like that. There were a couple of things contract-wise; they were repaired. They were kind of big things that had to be done before we could move in.”

Macaione said she would like to see the health center open in the fall, but a completion date has not been set.

There will not be 24-hour service, and Macaione is planning on rotating the staff between the two campuses.

There are currently no plans for a health center at the North Haven campus.