Burt goes green Thursday with Earth Day Fair

Katherine Rojas

In honor of  the nationally recognized holiday, the Sustainability Committee is holding Quinnipiac’s annual Earth Day Fair in Burt Kahn Court on Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Filmmaker Ian Cheney, who produced “King Corn” and “Truck Farm” with his colleague Curt Ellis, will speak to start the event.

Cheney is also bringing his truck farm, which is actually a garden in an old gray Dodge, to exemplify his “Truck Farm” film and show attendees how they can change the system, one garden at a time.

Professor Kristen Richardson, laboratory instructor and member of the Sustainability Committee, is thrilled to have Cheney as the guest speaker.

“His film ‘King Corn’ creatively illustrates what lies at the heart of our country—Midwestern farmers—and how they rely on a broken subsidy system to keep themselves and our food economy running, all while contributing to systemic problems of heart disease, diabetes, and environmental damage,” Richardson said.

The fair will consist of raffle prizes, free organic food from Chartwells, flowers, fruit, vegetables, student posters from many different departments, gifts, and more. Also, free samples of one of the fair’s vendor, Farmer’s Cow, introducing their new line of ice cream flavors.

Attendees earn more raffle tickets the more they visit students presentations on sustainability. People will also receive raffle tickets for attending the 10 a.m. presentation. Raffle tickets can be entered either in the raffle drawings (prizes include an Amazon Kindle), or traded for a new Earth Day T-shirt.

Facilities, Chartwells, Student Affairs, Roots and Shoots, and the Arnold Bernhard Library are contributors for the event.

People attending the fair are encouraged to bring hard-to-recycle plastics, shoes and t-shirts to recycle.

“It’s an exciting step in the right direction,” Richardson said.