Irma, Dana will remain doubles; Complex wide open

Nicole Celli

Irma and Dana residence halls will remain doubles next year, according to Cindy Long Porter, director of Residential Life.

“Certainly Irma and Dana were triples for a number of years, but I think we’ve moved beyond that,” Porter said.

In a Monday interview, Porter confirmed the first floor of Mountainview will continue to house freshmen residents because Residential Life didn’t want to go back to tripling Irma and Dana.

There are 1,465 total beds for 1,409 rising sophomores who received lottery numbers, according to Associate Director of Residential Life Melissa Karipidis.
In fact, Complex is completely open. It currently serves as a residence hall for transfer students and sophomore residents.

“Everybody who wanted a home has a home. We have spaces,” Porter said. “If somebody still wants a home they can have a space.”

Porter said there were no surprises in the lottery this year.

“I think we’ll be fine for the incoming freshman; I don’t anticipate any other concerns we had from last year,” she said.