Quinnipiac Athletics revamps iPhone app

Jenn Lepore

Quinnipiac Athletics has revamped the mobile application that allows iPhone users to receive up-to-the-minute Bobcat sports news.

“The best feature is probably the WQUN radio for all the basketball and hockey games and it has Quinnipiac Bobcats Sports Network for all the other sports, all the student broadcasts,” Director of Athletics and Recreation Jack McDonald said.

The first version of the application was released on Nov. 12, 2010. It facilitated the user to receive news, scores, and highlights regarding athletic events for iPhone users.

“We wanted to allow all the great student broadcasting by our students to be heard by the families outside the campus,” McDonald said.

The updated version now provides the user with the same features as the old application as well as a few new ones, like Quinnipiac’s YouTube channel, and a live Twitter feed.

The application includes new designs and graphics not seen in the original version, according to Apple’s preview.

The new version of the mobile application has already been downloaded 734 times since it was unveiled on Jan. 24, according to McDonald.

This app is even bringing in some money through the usage of I-ads. In the last week, it has brought in a total of nine dollars.

“Every time somebody clicks on that ad we get money, not much, pennies,” McDonald said.

McDonald has big plans for the future of this application including expanding to other types of mobile phones and more.

“You’ll be able to watch a live-game video on the iPhone, you’ll be able to probably have your ticket with the barcode would be right on your screen and scanned as you come into the game,” McDonald said.