The joys of pet ownership

Many people have pets. Pets are great to have around for companionship, protection and that wonderful feeling when they greet you after a long day.
While owner always train the pets to obey (though sometimes it may be the other way around), people can learn a lot from their pets. Especially when it is a brand new puppy.
After making an innocent trip to the pet store just to look, I walked out with a five-pound, squiggly Italian Greyhound. And my pocket book was a lot lighter. (Stress: a lot). But my puppy, which I call Jax, is a tiny ball of energy that reminds me of the good things in life whenever I look at him.
Jax, like all puppies, possesses an innocence that is incredible to watch. He is completely blissful with a tummy rub or chewing on a slab of rawhide.
The TV can be blaring in the background about the attack on the World Trade Center and our ensuing counter attack and he doesn’t care.
In his puppy world the only thing that exists right now are his food and his owners.
Even when he slips up and forgets that the carpet is not his personal toilet, he has a redeeming quality of shamelessness. It isn’t his fault after all some other person put the carpet there!
Puppies can also remind their owners of the simple things in life. They aren’t impressed by money, fast cars or short skirts. As long as they have something to chew on and somebody who loves them, everything is great. How many of us can say that about ourselves?
When Jax went out to a pet store on his very first shopping trip he was bought dozens of toys, bones and comfy padded beds. And what was his favorite thing once he got home? The packaging of the toys, bones and comfy beds.
He will learn, like all puppies do, the ways of his world. He will learn to sit when he is told (though I think already he has selective hearing) and he will learn not to piddle in the middle of the living room (I hope, I hope).
But he will still possess the carefree attitude that comes with being an animal.
He will never have to worry about being fed or warm or loved. He will never have to worry about bills, jobs or significant others. He has one of the best lives of anything on this planet. And when he sits perched on top of the couch like the little prince he is, he knows it.