Is this a joke?

Amy Bonfiglio- Columnist

Sex is a profound word that hold love, lust and humor within its three little letters. Yet, in the modern world sex is not the conjugating of love between two people, it is cheap porno flicks, lewd strip clubs and the punch line to many jokes. Even to the angels in the film, “Dogma”, who see the human race as a live comic strip. Why is sex so funny?
When most of us first learned about sex, we were taught that it was an act that is worth waiting for. We should wait to find the one person we were in love with and married to. Not in the 21st century!
When did sex stop being love and emotions and turn into whips and chains. No matter what our own ideas on sex are we know that the entire subject is quite humorous.
Let’s think about what sex involves. It requires the individual to be completely undressed. When most people stand in front of their mirror naked they don’t think, I am a sculpted piece of human machinery,” so this is why most sexual acts happen in the dark.
Secondly, it involves some pretty weird face making. Do you remember someone telling you, “If you keep doing that, your face is going to freeze in that position,” when you were a little kid? Can you imagine everyone walking around with a pleasure, painful and confusion filled look on his or her face? You wouldn’t know whether to pat them on the back, see if they are OK or hand them a cigarette.
In such cities as New York and Boston there are specialty shops that sell condoms in every shape, color, size and texture. Condom World is a store that no matter what you’re reasoning for being there is, you have to laugh like a schoolgirl, just from the atmosphere. But why do we giggle? This establishment is trying to promote safe sex, but how do you stop yourself from laughing out loud when you are surrounded by rubber products called the Studded Stallion or the Ribbed Rider?
Then there is the famed Kama Sutra. This book has been seen by many and performed on many more. This is a publication that may contain various maneuvers and positions, but they seem to be a bit complicated. How many people can wrap their legs around their head like a circus sideshow act in order to pose for a few minutes of exotic pleasure.
It is intriguing and interesting how the author knows how cows, lizards and even insects make love. More importantly when did the author decide that the sexual behaviors of animals would be a good idea for human beings to participate in?
Then there is the porn industry. These people are like the Johnny Carson of sex. They randomly end up in situations where they are cleaning the refrigerator and then end up “getting it on” right in the icebox. One of the funniest things is the man or in this case, “repair man,” always keeps the weirdest apparel on. Is his work belt and steel-toed boots essential in being a good lover?
The woman scrubbing the appliance conveniently keeps her apron and high heels on the entire time. Does any of that add to the sensuality of the scene? Those stiletto heels are not comfortable and that hammer hanging off the side of the belt is going to hurt someone.
Finally, do the greater powers of this world really sit up in the clouds and watch us all make fools of ourselves? The awkwardness of the first kiss or the clumsiness of “the first time,” are truly pretty humorous but are very monumental in each of our lives.
Also, this world has many views on virgins. Yet the most important light that shines upon them is that of respect. For everyone out there who still holds on their “V card” you have taken the lessons of the younger years and put them to good use.