Students flock to ice cream machines

Jenn Lepore

It was -3 degrees outside when two new Moo Bella ice cream machines became operational in Café Q on Monday, Jan. 24. According to Leean Spalding, associate director of Chartwells, the machines still received a lot of attention.

A lack of dessert options in Café Q prompted Chartwells to install the ice cream vending machines, Spalding said.

The machines are designed as entirely touch screen and easy to use. Students have the choice between premium and light ice cream in a variety of flavors like vanilla, strawberry, coffee, even cake batter. The screen then prompts the user to choose a topping to mix in: chocolate chips, cookies ‘n’ cream or M&Ms.

This new dessert choice is a healthy one; the light ice cream is 95 percent fat free, 200 calories per cup and is made with 100 percent natural dairy.

Freshman Jordan Walsh appreciated the dessert, but took issue with its placement.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love ice cream, but the line is so long between the machines and Coyote Jack’s Grill. I just think the placement could have been better,” Walsh said.

Fellow freshman Jim Casey agreed.

“The Café seems even more crowded near the entrance now, if that’s possible. It’s difficult just to get through the revolving gate without inadvertently bumping into somebody,” Casey said.

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Photo credit: Lenny Neslin