The value of patience

Kristen Daley

f there is one thing I’ve learned during my past three years at Quinnipiac University, it is that things do not always run as smoothly as we want them to. With a student body of more than 6,000, we cannot realistically expect them to.
Confusion and questions abound throughout the first few weeks of the semester. Everyone is trying to acquaint, or reacquaint, themselves with their surroundings. In saying this, I am not just referring to the students. You should not forget that the faculty and staff of the University are doing the same.
The first week of school brought more cars to Mount Carmel Avenue at one time than I have ever seen. The most irritating thing for commuters might just be that little white sign with an arrow directing you to continue to the East Lot, with a security guard making sure you do just that.
A walk or shuttle bus ride may not be the thing to brighten your day, leading you to mumble numerous obscenities under your breath as you continue your trek. Believe it or not, however, having patience may make your day a little bit easier. Just remember, the security guards are just doing their jobs.
A few days spent in the university Post Office made me a witness to some shocking experiences. As the office was bombarded with mail and packages from home, students formed huge lines out in front of the windows. Some of them were the most understanding customers the post office may have ever had.
Not everyone, however. An unexpected delay in the delivering of packages one afternoon left some students in a frenzy. While I recognize that the packages may have been very important to the students, the changes in attitude of certain students from understanding to frustrated and unforgiving amazed me. The victims? A group of friendly students and a staff member only out to help.
One should remember just how far a package or letter travels before making its way to Quinnipiac. Sometimes, even the United States Postal Service personnel can fall a little behind. Be patient, your package will make it to you soon.
If you live in one of the dormitories, it can be a sinking feeling to know that the facilities workers are in the bathroom cleaning just when you want to take a shower. The easiest way to recover from that realization is to note the time and just take a quick walk to another floor for your shower. Be patient with the facilities staff, they always do their best to work quickly, and do a great job in the process.
I am not going to say that I have not found myself in a frustrating situations here on campus. It is not difficult to think `this is a university, everything should be running perfectly.’ If you find yourself in one of these situations, the best thing to do is to take a deep breath, and smile. It will leave everyone, including yourself, more at ease. It may even help things run a little bit smoother.