SPB conjures Quidditch fun

Katherine Rojas

On a warm and sunny Sunday morning, Muggles mounted their broomsticks for some friendly competition. Two minutes into the championship game, the Shuttle Puffs’ seeker returned in victory with the “snitch” in his mouth triumphing over Harry and the Potters.

Quinnipiac’s Student Programming Board held its second Quidditch game on the Quad for the second consecutive year. Quidditch is a fictional sport from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter book series. Each team consisted of seven active players (three Chasers, two Beaters, a Seeker and a Keeper).

The idea of having Quidditch on the Quad originated last year. But first, SPB had to contact the Intercollegiate Quidditch Association. SPB Chairwoman for Special Events and Traditions Catie Regan was in charge of the event.

Regan, along with co-chairs Erin Bilé and Katerina Johnson, spent a month planning the event.

Unlike last year’s Quidditch tournament of four teams, eight teams competed this year. The teams were: the Slytherin Slobcats, the Otakus, the Griffyn-cats, the Raven Bobcat Claws, the Shuttle Puffs, Bros before Hoes, Dumbledore’s Army, and Harry and the Potters.

With the increased turnout this year, SPB plans on having the Quidditch games around this time every year.

“It’s my first time playing and it makes me so happy that they had a Quidditch game event,” said freshman Devon Pallitto, the keeper for the Griffyn-cats. “I definitely plan on playing next year.”

The event had a lot of supporters who cheered on their friends and were captivated by the games.

“Everyone’s doing a good job so far and it’s a bigger event compared to last year’s,” sophomore Andrew Lavoie said.

SPB is hoping to create a Quidditch-centric student organization .

“We’re looking into competing seriously with other schools,” Regan said. “I would love for it to be a club team sport to compete with other schools.”

The winning team got to sign “the Firebolt,” a replica of Harry Potter’s broom from the book series, and each team member received a $10 pass to a Rave Motion Picture theater.

Photo credit: Ilya Spektor